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Safe Haven Initiatives

'Concept-to-Reality (2015-2018) Phase I


This two-phase initiative is about changing the quality of our dog’s lives by transforming to a healthier shelter environment (from the traditional kennel environment). Safe Haven Cottages have PROVEN behavioral changes in dogs who are able to thrive in a healthier environment.

'Concept-to-Reality' (2019 -2021) Phase II


Phase I of the initiative is flourishing and the dogs proved the cottage initiative works! Phase II focuses on providing housing for short-t term dogs to increase (same year) rescue-to-adoption rate. This will drive a more balanced facility without comprising our beloved long- term residents.

Healthier living

All of our long-term/sanctuary dogs now live in cottage. The facility has trees and bushes, a roof over both sides of the indoor/outdoor kennel runs, four enclosures with privacy fencing, a pergola and gazebo, and some have water ponds!

This journey has taken a tremendous amount of faith from the organizations, foundations, private individuals and community businesses who contribute resources (product, time and money) in support of this initiative. We could not be happier for the dogs. More importantly, the cottage initiative creates the environment that allows each dog to reach their potential beyond their condition/circumstance when they arrived.  More on our facility

Learn about our Safe Haven 'Concept-to-Reality' Initiative

Since 2015, the Safe Haven Rescue Kennels ‘Concept-to-Reality’ initiative is about changing the quality of our dogs lives by transforming to a more healthier shelter environment. By replacing the typical dog house with human style dog cottage and a yard configured to be more “home-like', we empower dogs and the people that work with them to have a more peaceful and engaging life experience.  More importantly, this initiative creates a better dog than when they arrived

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